Dec 19, 2002

Dr. Madhukar Shukla of XLRI Jamshedpur On Designing a KM System @ KMSI

My understanding is that there is no 'silver bullet' for designing the KM
system, and has to be designed around specific needs of the organisation....
Essentially, these are questions which help diagnosing the organisation's
knowledge-needs, and make choices about how to organise the knowedge

Some may find this useful


1. How effectively do we source/ acquire knowledge which is relevant for business/ work of the stakeholders?

i. What kind of knowledge is relevant to the stakeholders?
ii. Where does it reside? Within or outside the company?
iii. How do we access/ acquire it?

2. Do people have the problem-solving skills & capability to work on that knowledge?

i. What problem-solving skills are required?
ii. How do we impart them?
iii. What forums/ methodologies need to be created to encourage and ensure the use of these skills?

3. How effective are our systems for sharing local knowledge/ solutions to make them collective learning?\

i. Does our Performance Management & Reward System encourage sharing of knowledge/ information? What changes are needed to encourage people to share?
ii. What methodology/ platform of sharing would be appropriate? Centralised or decentralized?
iii. What processes/ systems need to be developed for sharing/ dissemination of tacit knowledge?

4. Are people encouraged and empowered to act on and experiment with what they have learnt?

i. Does the Performance Management & Reward system encourage people to take initiative?
ii. How does one relate learning/ knowledge-sharing to performance and consequent reward?