Mar 15, 2003

My post in IndiaStrategy-ThinkTank

If I think about it, confidence is the desire of "I can do it" and a very
personal feeling...and one sees it in a team sometimes (as in the current Australian team) and one can easily confuse it with arrogance (Glenn McGrath, or Sourav Ganguly anyone?)

To transcend this 'can-do' attitude at an organizational wide frame is a
difficult proposition, than infusing a team with it. This is because at an
organizational level lots of other variables come into play.

To infuse confidence in the organization, I guess the following would have to be given :

1. Inspiring and trusted leadership
2. Processes that are seen as value adding and not as bureaucracy
3. Transparency for ideas to travel across the organization
4. Constant efforts to break silos and look at the larger picture