Mar 3, 2003

Those who are following the banking/fin services thread, I just
wanted to sound you out.

In the "discipline of market leaders" it is analysed that market
leaders usually do three things very well, and of them one thing
extremely excellently :-)

These are:

1. Customer Orientation
2. Process Excellence
3. Product Leadership

While for a large part, the focus is determined by the nature of the
industry one operates in, (for example, a logistics/ courier company
has no choice but to be leading in process excellence)... what
distinguishes one from the other is leadership in one area.

Therefore Sony leads in Product Excellence over others like National
which concentrate on process excellence to get it out cheaper after
Sony gets out the product.

So, where are our various players in the Indian Banking industry?

Who is the product leader?
Who leads in process excellence?
And who leads in customer orientation?

The premise of the theory is that you have to be good on all three
but can only differentiate from the others on the basis of one.. !

Anish, this might address your questions too :-)