May 2, 2003

And more on the same topic of 'self-esteem' enhancement:

I don't think it is making 'things more complicated'...self-
confidence, self-esteem are factors of how a person views
oneself...linked very strongly to one's self-identity and these
areas are not simplistic to deal with broad brush fact,
it's our search for simplistic solutions that leads to the rash of
self-help and motivational gurus...
...if only life and work were so simple...!

Or here is a different set of assumptions (am pulling them out of a aspersions cast on anyone !):

Company A makes its people work in difficult circumstances, with
difficult targets and minimal development, with the threat of a job
loss whenever a person misses the monthly or quarterly target...and
when an employee is not able to cope and misses those targets...then
the supervisor turns around and blame the employee's 'self-esteem'
in the performance appraisal ...very convenient for an organization
to wash its hands off any responsibility and pass the buck on to the
person's percieved lack of self-esteem/self-confidence/whatever
...and HR lands itself with a Training Needs Analysis
of "Increasing Self Esteem" trying to figure out which trainer can
help the person develop self-esteem and therefore perform...