May 29, 2003

In HRavenues I wrote the following on the discussion if HR was a necessary evil !
Let's admit it, HR's credibility has been in question over a long
time not just in India but across the world. People like Dave Ulrich
have even studied what HR needs to do to become more "value-adding"
to the business rather than being an operational department.

While there are many reasons for this, the prime reason has been the
rise of an economy where people's imaginations and ideas are critical
to an organizations growth. Capital and finance does not count for

HR stands at a threshold today.

Of all organizational functions it apparently understands the people
more than other functions. If it cannot translate that understanding
and insight into value for the organization then it will lose even
the apparently low levels of credibility it has today.

But to do that it needs to marry its insight with the needs of the
business. An HR person no longer can be 'just' an HR person. He/she
should be a generalist, with ease of understanding the financial and
customer perspectives. The future belongs to those business leaders
who know the cross-functional perspective and are not 'wedded' to any