May 2, 2003

on HRgyan I wrote this about 'psychometric tests'

Over the last few days I have been trying to study management
thoughts and concepts and why they succeed. I have come down to these
three reasons, and I believe it also holds true for psychometric
tests..because they are concepts with a tool manifestation.

1. Respectable proponent: Most successful tests are advocated by a
person who has respect and credibility, in the eyes of the customer
client. Or is based upon the theory of a figure like that. This
automatically confers on it the halo effect of credibility.

2. Publicised successes: In the business community the success of
such a tool and technology is widely publicised.

3. Publications: When a tool is near its pinnacle a book is written
about it...after which it passes into common language ...! The
publications also help the tool to become a demand led tool rather
than sales driven :-)