May 2, 2003

On soft skills training for Software professionals on World of HR :

The first step in the training process is to come out with the
Training Needs. Needs are derived from a process called Training
Need Analysis (TNA).

The TNA is done by the Training department (in a small company by
the HR person) after taking into consideration three factors:

1. Overall business objectives of the firm
2. The objectives of the teams/business units
3. Personal development of the individual.

The needs could be skill based (technical or managerial) or
behavioural (referred as soft-skills, and in my personal view
totally useless in the way it is conducted in most places ;-))

These needs are then compiled and a training calender is usually
drawn up. Nowadays most firms are pushing the onus for managing
training back on to the employees by using e-HR, HRIS or ESS tools.