Oct 14, 2003

The usefulness of an MBA??- Part II

Mahesh Murthy carries off his previous article in Businessworld:

"My premise is that nothing approaching anything real or useful is taught in MBA programmes in India. It's a basic timepass employers want you to go through as a filter before they come to hire you.

Their theory is straightforward. Say 10 out of every 1,000 students get into an Indian Institute of Technology. And then five of those get into an Indian Institute of Management. The hideously misinformed HR community then figures this must, hence, be the top 0.5% in India - and proceeds to throw gobs of cash at them for jobs completely unrelated to their education.

So if you want a high-paying job, get into a 'high-ranked' B-school - and don't you worry about your specialisation in graduation or the MBA itself. Nobody else does. Do what you feel like - or can pass exams most easily in."

Well there is a grain of truth in that...and MM with 'absolutely no formal management qualifications whatsoever' does know what he is talking about ;-))