Jan 30, 2004

On the power play in consulting Companies

Consulting Magazine says:

"Let's face it. On the profession's totem pole of prestige, the client-facing consultants who maintain the biggest accounts are the ones who sit at the top. Some may argue that those who do not maintain clients don't belong on the pole at all. But others say that an internal role can be just as satisfying as one serving clients.
Most people are drawn to the profession because they want to serve clients, and suggesting anything else elicits a response whose more polite version is, 'Are you crazy?' The bias toward client work shapes all types of attitudes in consulting and dictates actions pros take. It's the reason senior executives don't just manage their staff, they juggle clients, too. And although a firm might need the very minds it sends out to organizations to help with its own business development, marketing, human resource, and IT issues, consultants who take these assignments like to make clear to all who are listening that their roles are only temporary. "