Feb 2, 2004

25 most influential people in business

The 25 Most Influential Business Persons of the Past 25 Years (in alphabetical order)

Here is the list from the Nightly Business Report & Wharton School of Business . This was done to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of NBR . Andy Grove of Intel was voted as No.1 from this list.

What was interesting was that the person who founded Bangladesh's Grameen Bank - Mohammed Yunus was also on top there ! That means that even the B Schools in the US recognise and mention thought leadership that emerge in the third world !

Mary Kay Ash (Entrepreneur)
Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com) - A person who pioneered e-comm and is still going strong ! - gautam
John Bogle (Vanguard)
Richard Branson (Virgin) - Another person who breaks rules as a matter of habit ! - Gautam
Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathway) - We have to learn from him the lesson of thinking long term ! - Gautam
James Burke (J&J)
Michael Dell (Dell) - How many people can make their student businesses grow into a multibillion $ enterprise ?? Dell has ! - Gautam
Peter Drucker (Management Guru) - The person who made businesses into an academic discipline ! Whatever has to be written was told by him! He's the Moses of the b world ! - Gautam
Bill Gates (Microsoft)
William George (Medtronic)
Louis Gerstner (IBM) - He made the 'elephant dance' - gautam
Alan Greenspan (Fed Reserve)
Andy Grove (Intel)
Lee Iacocca (Chrysler)
Steve Jobs (Apple) - Sheer product brilliance ! - Gautam
Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airlines) - challenged and broke aviation rules, and then ruled the industry !
Peter Lynch (Fidelty)
Charles Schwab (Charles Schwab)
Frederick Smith (FedEx)
George Soros (Investor)
Ted Turner (Media Moghul)
Sam Walton (Walmart)
Jack Welch (GE)-
Oprah Winfrey (Media Queen)
Mohammed Yunus (Banker)