Feb 24, 2004

B-school grads' entry-level pay goes up 15% - The Economic Times

Indian B School Graduates' entry level pay goes up 15%

The Business Today -Omam Management Trainee Salary Survey (which considered pays across 100 companies in 17 sectors) says:

"salaries are going up, across all the 17 sectors of the Indian economy, says the highest projected hikes this year will be in the BPO , IT and consulting sectors.
But the hikes will be no more than 10 to 15 per cent. In fact, the survey warns that in tier II business schools, the hike may be static.
Here is a look at the top paymasters' sectors that offer Rs 5-6 lakh-plus per annum which include the FMCG , IT, consulting and the banking sectors. The survey finds the FMCG sector to be the best paymaster, a management trainee taking home up to at Rs 6,06,624 per annum. On an average, pay cheques in this sector range between Rs 3 and 6 lakh-plus.
The infotech sector with salary packets of Rs 2-5 lakh-plus comes in the second place with a top salary of Rs 5,79,000 per annum."