Feb 17, 2004


Found this on the business2blog (blog run by Business 2.0 the magazine):

"With an estimated 25 to 35 million potential customers, the U.S. youth market could represent an extremely lucrative opportunity for the wireless industry. 'To successfully tap this customer segment, the wireless industry will need to focus on developing innovative services that appeal to youth, but that also fit parent's buying habits,' says Ken Hyers, a senior analyst with In-Stat/MDR. In a recent survey of both parents and young adults, In-Stat/MDR found the following:

* The average age of a child whose parent supplied the mobile phone was most likely to be 19 or above, indicating that parents provide their children with their own phones as a safety tool when the children begin to move out of the house for the first time.
* Youths were, by a substantial margin, more likely to be customers of Verizon Wireless than any other carrier.
* Youths, particularly young adults, were highly likely to regularly use wireless data services."