Feb 10, 2004

Corporates pamper staff to keep them happy - The Economic Times

ET says:

Corporates pamper staff to keep them happy

In Dilbert's cubicle world, engineers pull their hair out because of overwork while managers cook up evil designs to cut costs.
Real life, though, is thankfully far away from that imaginary cartoon world. Employees suddenly are prized possessions of companies, just like customers. And MNCs are pulling out all stops to make them and their families happy. (Makes me wonder if these things will see a U turn if demand for talent falls much below the supply ! - G)
Workers are being pampered big time and official visits to a pub or a disco are part of the flow chart these days. "It's the company's responsibility to take care of the staff and their families," says Suman Sanghi, manager, operations, HSBC bank.
"It is mandatory for every staff member to take 10 days off in a year so that they unwind, chill and come back to work with vigour."
Not just employees, even their children are getting their share of spoils.
"We chalk out a visit to a resort or an amusement park so that our employees can spend quality time with their families. That apart, every department is allocated a certain budget with which they can party at a disco or go for a movie," says Sanghi.
So even as comic strip heroes run scared of human resource personnel, the city?s corporate circle takes a well-deserved break with the blessings of the management. "We believe our employees are the pillars of our establishment," explains Kamlesh Rangan principal banker, Kotak Mahindra.
The work environment, therefore, is made as amicable as possible. They don't believe in snatching the precious time that employees have with their families on weekends. "We book a resort, beyond the city limits, so that the drive down to the resort unwinds "