Feb 13, 2004

excited utterances

Picked this up from excited utterances:

"Davenport and Prusak Launch New KM Research Program"

"In a press release issued on January 5th, Babson's School of Executive Education announced the launch of its new Working Knowledge Research Program to address the role of knowledge and learning in organizations, and how companies can use them to compete more effectively.

Thomas Davenport and Larry Prusak will act as the primary researchers, who along with other research partners from Harvard Business School and the University of Virginia (Dorothy Leonard and Rob Cross), will examine four to five research topics each year. The topics for this year include:

* The Environments of High-Performing Knowledge Workers

* The Lifecycle for Tacit Knowledge Transfer Researchers

* Leading Practices in Blended Learning

* Knowledge Representation

For each topic, one or more organizations will sponsor a topic of interest. Deliverables will include short research notes, case studies, and a final report."