Feb 11, 2004

Foreign professionals seek jobs in India - The Economic Times

Foreign professionals seek jobs in India :

"As an effect of outsourcing and job cut in countries like the USA and UK, experts here say that skilled foreign workers from these countries are now exploring opportunities elsewhere and India for several reasons is fast emerging as one of the most favoured destination for these professionals.
'Contrary to what has been happening so far, Indian job market is witnessing reverse migration with lot of foreigners now looking for jobs in India. Although at present, the number of such cases is not very large but the process has started,' says Kris Lakshmikanth, founder CEO and Managing Director of Head Hunters (India), a recruiting firm.
'As several foreign firms are setting up their offices here in India, experienced professionals from these countries are also on the lookout for jobs here and the trend is being witnessed by the top tier recruitment firms,' Lakshmikanth adds.
'Until sometime back it was only expatriate Indians who were shifting to places like Bangalore, Mumbai or New Delhi. However, for last few months overseas workers have also started showing interest in India and every week the number of queries from foreign professionals are increasing and it is not just because of feel-good factor', says Anil Mahajan, executive director Talent Hunt Private Ltd., a leading HR firm in the country. "