Feb 16, 2004

On KM adoption in Organizations - My post on K-Logs egroup

I figure a very small percentage of people are actually "courageous" enough to say what they do, in public. And to put it in black and white on a website when umpteen number of people can criticise and critique it reduces that percentage further.

But in a way, it mirrors the typical marketing cycle.

Any new technology (and I mean technology in a broad sense!) comes up against the status quo with only a few enthusiasts willing to try it out !

When the odds are against the technology spreading from the enthusiasts to the majority of early adopters they require a reassurance from sources other than the early innovators.

But when we hype/publicise any new method/technology we target it only at the early enthusiasts and run the risk of the possible early adopters to label it as "yet another fad"

What becomes imperative is that both the groups see each others views as credible and not reject them outright.

I suspect that as businesses get more integrated and departmental silos are crushed down we will see more and more initiatives to address the whole organization. KM is only the first in a long new line !