Feb 17, 2004

Replacing that film camera means knowing your pixels

Seattle PI says Replacing that film camera means knowing your pixels:

"The storied history of photography will reach another turning point next year, if you believe the worldwide consumer forecast. Digital cameras are expected to outsell film cameras in 2004, a surprising development for those of us still warming up to the notion of memory sticks and megapixels.
Digital cameras allow you to see pictures immediately on the camera's preview screen, so you know right away if you got the shot or not.
You can present slide shows on your TV, or you can print the images you want on your home printer. Forget those days of paying to process film without even knowing if the shots are worth keeping.
The digital camera was an alluring gadget from the get-go, but until recently prices kept it beyond the reach of most amateur photographers. Now, many cameras that sell for less than $250 are better than models that once sold for $800. As prices continue to drop, even the most casual snapshot shooters are taking the digital plunge."