Feb 17, 2004

Thinkers 50

Did you know that there exists a firm whose sole purpose is to rank the top 50 thinkers each year?
And quite unimaginatively they are called Thinkers 50 ! This is what their website says!

The Thinkers 50 2003 provides a completely new ranking, the definitive guide to which thinkers and ideas are in - and which have been consigned to business history. More than that, it offers a unique snapshot of the practices and personalities shaping the world of work and the way we do our jobs.

In the fickle world of business thought-leadership, a lot can change in two years. When we created the Thinkers 50, it was the only global ranking of business luminaries. Since 2001, imitators have appeared. For example, the consulting firm Accenture has its own guru ranking. Imitation, it is said, is a form of flattery as much as a sign of a lack of originality. The Thinkers 50 is independent. Our only agenda is to find the answer to a simple question:

Who is the most important living management thinker?

So dear reader who do you think is the most influential management thinker? Check your answer with the Thinker 50 site ;-)

Yeah with no.1 you can't go wrong....the superstar is ....Peter Drucker !

The one surprising omission for me is Ram Charan...hell, I thought the guy was a real dude !

But these guys say they rank folks on this methodology ....!