Feb 13, 2004

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In ISTT I talked about the Nature of the Creative Organization :
"Organizations can be creative in two ways...! maybe three!

One, consider the case of a traditional Indian licence raj
conglomerate that seeks to be 'creative/innovative' in the new age...
It's better off trying to replicate the 'skunkworks' analogy and
isolate the creative group (with high business outcomes) from the
existing culture and help them flourish ...! Lots of organizations
have tried this approach and succeeded ! Think Indian automobile
manufactures !

This is the structural solution...easy to do...but the cons come in
the integration part...the 'skunkworks' will never truly be 'a part
of the company'...always be considered the 'geeks' amongst
the 'suits' etc etc.

And eventually most of them will leave...(aha! the movie unit! or
commando team) and the business would have lost the lessons they had
learnt...unless the business tries to take on the culture

That's when we go to approach two !

Approach two is to embed creative thinking into the organization,
have dedicated champions who understand benefits...strive and keep at
it ...and nine times out of ten this won't succeed...and the
companies will have obits written about them..

But for the one in ten who succeeds, well you can be sure that HBR
will write a case study !

And approach three ?

Well you can begin a creative company to start with !"