Mar 4, 2004

Euroguru Sumantra Ghoshal dead - The Times of India

The Times of India says:
Euroguru Sumantra Ghoshal dead

"LONDON: Sumantra Ghoshal, the Kolkata-born academic turned European management guru, who counselled a world bewildered by the runway growth of gigantic corporations and MNCs with the power and pelf of mediaval empires, has died.

Ghoshal's death, early on Wednesday, came at the end of an 11-day critically ill period in a London hospital, where he was rushed after suffering a double aneurism or brain haemorrahage.

Ghoshal, who was once memorably described by The Economist as 'Euroguru', is widely believed to be one of the handful of Europe-based management theorists on a high-earning, cut-throat circuit dominated by American thinkers.

On Wednesday afternoon, as news of 55-year-old Ghoshal's death spread throughout the European business and management community, reaction ranged from abiding grief to a sense of loss that he died relatively young. "