Mar 6, 2004

Sloan starts a course on Outsourcing

Picked this up from Nikhil's blog.

Shows how mainstream Outsourcing is to management thought now !

Is it going to be a "fad course" or become core??

MIT is starting a regular course on outsourcing at its famed Alfred P Sloan School of Management.

The course is the brainchild of two senior faculty members, one of whom is an Indian American. Dr Amar Gupta, a product of IIT Kanpur, has been on the MIT faculty for the last 25 years.
All 55 seats were picked up within 24 hours of the announcement and there is now a long waiting list.
The course will make students aware of both the positive and negative aspects of outsourcing. "We know the pain that comes with lost jobs, but people don’t necessarily appreciate some of the benefits we get every day because of outsourcing." He talks of lower consumer prices and higher dividends because of the corporate turnaround due to outsourcing.