Apr 1, 2004

Blogroll time

The Monster Blog has the following post on Personality Assessments

Another interesting post is , if you have a career coach how you should get the maximum out of him/her !

while the Fast Company Blog talks of Knowledge Mismanagement Do check out my comment on that site as well :

one of the reasons why people might not feel comfortable is that KM is seen as an "extractive" practice by employees (you said that bit about the Big Brother feeling!)

However, if that feeling is removed and people get to share and learn from each other then they will surely do so !

Wasn't that the essential difference between Communism and Capitalism? And don't we know which one has triumphed today?

It's the overwhelming sense of Analysts watching that pressurises companies to track RoI of each and every initiative wasting time and resources which could be better placed on knowledge creation !