Apr 8, 2004


The End of the Internet???

I discovered this alarming news through the FCNow Blog, and its from the UK's Independent :

"The internet's watchmen have discovered that their network tumbled into the world with a potentially fatal birth defect. The cause? 'Background radiation'. The constant chatter of machines that lie awake while we sleep, and their long memories, pose a threat to future health of the system.
Some of the internet's most senior figures now think this issue needs urgent attention. Karl Auerbach, one of its pioneering technicians, wrote last year: 'There are indications that the internet, at least as we know it today, is dying.' He was referring to the flow of 'junk' traffic; a sort of background static in the world of the Net. Unnoticed by you or me, it is the result of neglected machines making eerie 'zombie' calls.
The problem is that while we expect machines to work smartly, the internet was designed with stupidity foremost. Stupidity - that is, a small pool of shared assumptions about the world, and a tiny pot of residual trust - is baked into the architecture of the internet, and was valued by the its sponsor, the US Department of Defense, which wanted a protocol malleable enough to create a network that would work after a nuclear attack."

Phew !

I hope they come up with a solution to this problem !

Imagine, a life without Blogging !!!

I'm just kidding...but it is scary when so much of our lives has moved to the virtual mode to even think about the whole system going down. I think the fundamentals of internet architecture is pretty sound...but with its edge growing to talk to wireless and moving out of just computers.

I know they'll solve the problem...they have to!