Jun 9, 2004

Coke Makes HR Top Priority

BusinessPundit points to a CNN article:
"Isdell, a company veteran who formally took over the reins of Coca-Cola this week, said he made the move so that he could guide development of the company's workforce, which he described as its 'most valuable resource.'
'It is the responsibility of leadership, and my personal commitment, to refine, develop and enhance our people programs to ensure that we are truly world class in unleashing the power of our people,' Isdell said in a memo announcing the change."

Heartening to hear that in this world of treating human beings as "commodities"!
Most organizations only pay lip-service to their "most important resource"
Maybe they can start by not calling them "resources" but "human beings" ? :O!
The Balanced Scorecard donates one section to employees, but often that is the last quadrant to be paid any attention ! And when was the last time we heard investors actually ask organizations pointed questions about their human 'capital'?