Jun 25, 2004

Indian Engineers prefer MNCs

Rediff.com reports that Microsoft is most preferred employer on Indian Engineering campuses.
It's interesting to note that Infosys, for long vaunted as the Most Admired Employer and Organization in India is no longer in the top 10. I think the reason being that the multi national corporations are moving much "higher-end R&D jobs" to India like cutting edge research in technology which a pure service provider like Wipro, TCS or Infy might not be able to match even in the time frame of 5-6 years. Of course, the attraction is also due to the fact that you get to interact with thought leaders and Fellows these organizations, and the salary is nothing to sneeze at too ! :-))

I quote :
"Companies such as Microsoft, McKinsey, IBM and Texas Instruments have seen a marked improvement in their rankings as the most preferred employers.
Microsoft, though not in the top 10 companies within the Campus Recruiter Index last year, finds itself at the top spot followed by McKinsey, IBM and Texas Instruments. Larsen and Toubro has also moved up to occupy the fifth place.
'The study indicates that the size of the recruiting company and its market standing are important parameters for selection.
'Multinational IT companies now appear to be treating the recruitment of engineering graduates as being similar to recruiting B-school students.
'They are going to many campuses instead of only one or two,' said Prasenjit Das, senior manager, ACNielsen ORG-MARG.
The top 10 list of companies in the Campus Recruiter Index is dominated by information technology companies. Larsen and Toubro is the only Indian company to make it amongst the top five.
Infosys, the top company last year, no longer finds itself in the top 10."