Jul 19, 2004

google's recruitment ad

now that is what I call a really niche recruitment ad !

And this is another interesting fact taken from Google's official SEC filing, which Mahesh Murthy raves about.

Typically a company would say it needed to raise some round sum of money. But in Google's filing, the number was $2,718, 281,828. Exactly two billion seven hundred and eighteen million and some dollars. I giggled, for as any student who's tried to forget maths knows, this number (2.718281828) is the constant 'e'. And instead of raising $2.5 billion or $3 billion, Google wanted to raise exactly $e billion. Apart from winning the hearts of maths buffs, this gem brought forward an important point - why is it that people pretend they need exactly some round figure sum of money? If it's a guess anyway, why don't you say so?