Jul 13, 2004

On Blogs and Business

I discovered Rick E. Bruner's Business Blog Consulting which says about itself

Business Blog Consulting is a site devoted to demonstrating how effective weblogs can be for communicating with customers and marketing to new customer prospects. You will find here lots of examples of business blogs, as well as resources to help you learn more about the topic.

I strongly recommend you to check it out, specially if you are interested in the intersection point between Blogging and Business (the new b2b?:-). It was through this site that I discovered Sun's CEO Jonathan Schwartz's Blog. Now that's what I call a cool leader ! Specially because he has a cool writing style !

Tumbled across a Blog Survey which says:

Hi, welcome to our blog. Do you write a blog? If so, please take our survey. It is available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Full details can be found at:


It should take at most 15 minutes. Most people finish it sooner, and many of our participants commented that the questions we interesting and enlightening. Plus, since we will publically publish our results, you'll be contributing to a wider understanding of what blogging means to different cultures!

To maximize the validity of our survey results, we need as many responses as possible (ideally several hundred) from as wide range a demographic as possible. Most importantly, we need more results from different countries. Right now, we are lacking responses from non-English speakers. Additionally, we are very interested in responses from English speakers who don't reside in the United States. Of course, we very much welcome those in the US to still fill out the survey. =)

So go ahead fill it up ! And contribute to our collective understanding of why we Blog :-)