Aug 4, 2004

HR becoming a trusted business partner

Somebody sent me a useful checklist. Do you all (HR people and business folks) think that this is a good starting point. Of course, this is assuming one has highly developed HR skills (which contrary to public opinion is not common sense!)

Becoming literate about the business you serve - in HR we want to help our business partners succeed. As their partners it is reasonable that we understand things like,

· Their intended reason for existing,
· Their preferred markets, customers, products, and services,
· How they will operate and work together
· How they make and spend money
· How they measure success
· The boundaries and constraints must be honored
· What and where they want to be in the future.

At some point you may want to develop a profile for each of your business partners. To help get started, ask yourself questions like these…

· Who are the business partner’s customers?
· What do they want from your business partners? (Are they getting it?)
· What does the business partner offer their customer?
· Who are the competitors how are they different from the business partner?
· How do the business partners measure their success?
· What are the 3 top issues facing the business partner now?
· What are the business partners' core work processes?
· How is the business partners unit organized?
· What is my value proposition statement to the business partners?