Aug 30, 2004

Japanese employees views on employment change

A decade of restructuring and redundancies is undermining Japan's employment for life corporate culture, with top executives starting to switch jobs. Japanese managers traditionally spend their entire careers with one company, report Ginny Parker and Joann S. Lublin in The Wall Street Journal. Loyalty to an employer, the fear of losing face and family pressures often deter top managers from moving. However, Shiro Tsuda, senior executive vice president at NTT DoCoMo Inc. recently broke this taboo by accepting the top job at Vodafone Group PLC's Japanese unit. This shocking move could signal the beginning of a new executive job-switching trend, say recruiters.

Full story. Ginny Parker and Joann S. Lublin: "More Japanese May Rethink Loyalty to Jobs" in The Wall Street Journal (August 18, 2004). Search archive on title to retrieve article. Subscription required.