Aug 3, 2004

Poaching returns to Silicon Valley

From Brian Caulfield's post on the Business2Blog:

An expert on Silicon Valley recruiting, John Sullivan, mentioned to me earlier this year that many recruiters, among the first to be let go during the bust, were being called back into action.
Sure enough, it looks like we're starting to see some results. Juniper, a business built on poaching Cisco talent before the bust, has just grabbed two
of Cisco's key sales guys. Nice. You want to really stick it to a competitor, start with sales. Meanwhile, Google has just grabbed BEA's chief software architect, Adam Bosworth, with the ultimate recruiting tool: pre-IPO Google options.

He also points to John's article on "poaching techniques and tools"....nice, if you are a recruiter...and bad news, if you are a manager of talented people!