Sep 16, 2004

Business bloggers...

Rob at BusinessPundit shares how a portal approached him to sell and emportalize (a word coined by Accidental Verbosity) his blog. Rob refused but says:

if a business magazine (or a bank) will loan me the money for my next venture,
I'll put their ad on this site and I'll blog all about the experience, even the
gory details.

That triggered a discussion on blogging and money making thanks to Rob also blogging this Yahoo article on how bloggers are not making money. (Methinks it is Yahoo's way of hyping down the buzz about bloggers making money, mainly because Google is spreading its AdSense program through Blogger's blogs and giving bloggers part of the $$)

I am still surprised that portals might want to buy niche blogs like business focussed blogs. It's not as if we influence organizations to change their structures, strategies or customers or, do we?

Rob responded to that comment by saying:
Not yet, but maybe we should form an all-blog consulting company ;-)

And I took the thought further:

Lets organization approaches the "BizBloggers Consulting
Consortium" with a business problem. It gets posted on all the biz blogs and
commented upon by all the readship of these blogs and then the consortium
aggregates the best solutions and presents them to the organization ?
Sounds interesting :-))
The "wisdom of crowds" at work?