Sep 13, 2004

Sleeping on the job

The BBC reports on how stressed British workers find their bed a more creative space than the office:
Some 30% of people have their best ideas in bed compared to just 11% who
have them at their desk, according to research by the East of England
Development Agency (EEDA).
It is calling for companies to install beds in
the workplace, in an attempt to change the way we work for the better.
According to the authors of The Art of Napping At Work we live a "napaphobic
culture", but attitudes are changing and the bed could soon become part of the
office furniture.
Some companies are embracing the idea and building "nap rooms" and "nap
tents" for employees.
Accountancy firm Deloitte Consulting in Pittsburgh,
America, has designed a special "napnasiums" for the comfort of their employees.
It is open to any employee needing rest and has recliners and blinds.
The company made Fortune Magazine's list of the best 100 US companies to
work for last year, so its enlightened attitude to work naps seems to be reaping

But what we have to think twice, which I don't think the study touched upon, is that is the idea work related? And how will metric and productivity obsessed corporations measure ROIs...Hmm...any thoughts?
Let's extrapolate, as to how a manager could ask those questions:
  1. How many ideas were the result of sleeping?
  2. How many were business related?
  3. How many could you implement?
  4. How much of topline and bottomline did it add in this quarter?
etc etc etc :-)