Oct 14, 2004

CEO? Naah ...I'll give it a pass !

CNN Reports that:

"A survey found that three out of five senior executives don't want to be CEO. The survey by Burson-Marsteller found that 60 percent of senior executives at Fortune 1000 companies say they have no desire to hold a top job at a company. That's more than double the 27 percent who said 'no' to the CEO spot in a 2001 survey by the public relations firm.
Only 35 percent polled in the latest survey said they wanted the top job, down from 47 percent in the 2001 study. The 2001 survey found a far greater percentage of those who were unsure about pursuing the top job."

I wonder how many Indian execcutives want to be CEO? Probably a large number realise that unless they are related to the promoter/entreprenuer they have little chance of becoming top execs at Indian firms. Even being a son-in-law of a promoter is no guarantee that you will not be guarded. As Rajeev Chandrasekhar is findout out !