Oct 12, 2004

Resume templates on MS Office

Heather (the famous Microsoft Marketing recruiter) points to a useful resource, Microsoft Office online features which has job-specific resume templates that are downloadable directly to the appropriate office program. More gyan from Heather:
The templates should just make you think about how you might want to present
your background so don't feel like you have to adopt a particular template
format outright. You don't have to use just one template (I would encourage you
not to). I would recommend flipping through the templates available and finding
elements of different templates that you like. Think about why you like them and
how you can incorporate them into one document. Think about what the different
formats say about how you position yourself. But don't let the templates take
the creativity out of marketing you. Find the right combination of the info you
want to say and how you want to present it.