Nov 17, 2004

Ingrid addresses the House of Lords on Globalization!

Well, doesn't happen too frequently that someone you (virtually!) know gets a chance to address the House of Lords in the United Kingdom !

Well, that's what Ingrid Srinath , CEO of CRY (child relief and you) did recently and you can find the internet version here at the CRY site. In the presentation Ingrid covers the other side of globalization and builds awareness of the 'collateral damage'(or discrimination by design) that globalization gives rise to, especially in a developing economy like India with its huge 'leagacy' issues of centuries old biases. Of course, Ingrid focusses on issues like child education and mortality but the message is telling. She attacks the governments apathy and its "lies, damned lies and statistics" that obfuscate more than they clarify. One of the most poignant parts of the presentation is when Asma Shiekh's story is personalised here. I got a lump in my throat reading those slides.

So what do you think about Globalization now?