Dec 17, 2004

Delloite's plans for India

Top reports on Delloite's expansion plans in India.

In his first visit to the sub-continent as Global CEO, Parrett said, "India is a priority market for Deloitte globally. The local investment here is a testament to this. Clients of Deloitte's member firms are increasingly strengthening their Indian operations and with strong economic growth (predicted at 7%) India is a strategic market for Deloitte. "

The local investment in India is likely to be in excess of US$50 million over a five to six year period in line with expected GDP growth. This is comparable with the investment in China, considering foreign direct investment in India is one tenth of that of China. "What is important is that Deloitte's local member firms have been operating in India for about 100 years and are well established. The investment in the coming years will not disappear in bricks and mortar, but will build world-class capabilities — our people and the infrastructure to support them. In our business it is all about people, Mr Parrett said.

I know that Delloite has a big outsourcing group based out of Hyderabad doing SAP support for global teams. I wonder how much of the investment is top-line focussed (adding to increased billings in India vs. bottom line - outsourcing?)