Dec 2, 2004

Future skill sets needed for Indian industry

The Businessworld issue (registration required) also points to the talents and skills companies will most fight over. So if you are still graduating from college you can figure out what to do.

According to the article skills most in demand would be:

1. Analytics (for BPO, Banking and Insurance industries)
2. Scientific Research & Development (for Pharma and Biotech)
3. Sourcing, supply chain and merchandising (for retail , FDI in which might explode growth!)
4. Trainers (for BPO, retail and insurance) - That sounds good news to moi !
5. Global Mergers & Acquisitions and Process integration specialists as Indian manufacturing goes out global for growth.

Of course the inddustries driving these growths would be IT, ITES, Pharma, Biotech, Banking , Insurance , Retail and Manufacturing.

Good times ahead in the new year !