Jan 19, 2005

wanted: More Indian blogs to read

It struck me when I was reading the IndiBloggies list....there are hardly any Indian Business Blogs around !

I mean emergic.org and Sadagopan and Prof. Sadagopan do write about technology and how it can affect India, but there are hardly any blogs that track Indian business issues...and I don't mean business bloggers like Anil Dash and Om Malik who are very cutting edge...but based in the US. (Although Om does cover Indian telecom pretty regularly)

I mean business as it happens only in India :-)

And having thought that, I tried searching and didn't find any except:

Jobs for MBAs in India, and
Looking glass for Employee Relations
Associations in India for Road Transporters (!!)

Do you know of any more? Do tell me...

I mean they can have a conference in Seattle about business blogging , and charge $ 349 for this and we don't have decent business blogs....

I wish more Indian CEOs would blog (apart from Rajesh Jain and Dina Mehta!), and I wish biz journalists like Business Today and Businessworld would start blogging too...c'mon aren't you guys impressed with stuff like FC Now?