Jan 19, 2005

When is diversity not a fad anymore?

When a recruitment firm makes it into a practice !

According to the Recuiting.com blog:

Executive Search firm Spencer Stuart has a diversity practice. It's website says:
...diversity is a 21st century business priority — a driver for revenue and
a means of creating the dynamic, adaptable workforce a global economy
demands....We believe that heterogeneous groups make better decisions....
It employs a Knowledge Manager who reviews the media for news up-and-coming diverse talent. Recruiters at Spencer must try to present diverse candidates for every search assignment.
They also identify up-and-coming diverse managers their clients may want to keep in mind for the future.
The Hudson Highland Group has a diversity practice too. It's called Hudson Inclusion Solutions. It's dramatic motto: Diversity is not an option, it is a business imperative.
Recruiters are also teaming up with professional-development organizations which help them identify diverse people with potential.
For instance, executive-search firm Ray & Berndtson is sponsoring the industry-specific Cable Diversity Week which is run by a number of diversity organizations.
From an article by Pepi Sappal via Anthony J Meaney via Canadian Headhunter