Feb 25, 2005

Careerjournal resources

Interesting site from Careerjournal the WSJ site. It offers various salary levels of consulting professionals like:

Management Consultants
Consulting-Firm Professionals
Recruiter Consultants by Experience
Recruiter Consultants by Specialty
Management-Consulting-Company Professionals

Go ahead, take a look. The data is primarily US centric, but offers a good perspective. Specially these two recent articles:

Consulting Firms Court New M.B.A. Recruits
A Consulting Rebound Leads To Turnover and Higher Pay

Some recent consulting movements in India (from ET)

Vivek Bali, a former principal at AT Kearney, has joined Star TV after a stint at the consulting firm. Interestingly this is Star’s second hire from the consulting world, last year they hired Nitin Atroley, from E&Y to look after the corporate affairs. It seems the exodus from consulting firms is just not stopping, and corporate India can’t have enough of them.

Aviva and Ravi Bhoothalingam from Oberoi Hotels, have been brought in by headhunting startup Transearch, to consult for them. With so many movements in India Inc, it’s not surprising that even headhunting firms are looking around for new people and that too from outside the industry. Even Stanton Chase has brought in a fresh recruit from Exxon Mobil to head the Delhi office.