Feb 24, 2005

Dell named America's most admired company

This is a big deal about an organization that's only 21 years old !

Dell Inc. has been named by Fortune as America's most admired company !

Fortune polled 10,000 individuals, who ranked 582 companies on eight qualities: innovation, employee talent, financial soundness, quality of management, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, long-term investment and quality of products and services.

To compile the list, Fortune and survey partner Hay Group asked executives, directors and security analysts to rate companies with the largest revenues in 65 industries. To qualify for the list, a company must rank among the Fortune 1,000 or among the top 25 foreign companies in U.S. revenue.

The other top-10 companies are: General Electric; Starbucks; Wal-Mart; Southwest Airlines; FedEx; Berkshire Hathaway; Microsoft; Johnson & Johnson; and Procter & Gamble.