Mar 11, 2005

Bill Ives : On blogs and KM

Bill has finally announced his book on Blogging for business, that has been co-authored by Amanda Watlington. I'm excited because I'm hoping that my interview (that Bill took through asynchronous online interaction ;-) might be there. Oh ok, I'm just hoping. I know that he interviewed Dina and moi (any other Indian bloggers in the book, Bill?)

Bill posts on his blog why he thinks blogs can be a great KM and personal KM tool too. In fact, before this blog started getting linked to by folks, I had initially started it to keep it as a central repository of my various POVs on various online and offline fora. (check out my earliest posts - somewhere in 2002 and 2003 :-)

As Bill says:

From an individual perspective blogs offer:
  • Creation – publishing content within a personal voice
  • Collection – managing personal content in a searchable archive
  • Context – applying commentary to content you manage
From a networking perspective blogs provide:

  • Connection – discovering others with your interests
  • Conversation – engaging in dialogs on an organizational or global basis
  • Community – building networks around shared themes
  • Collaboration – finding new business partners

Quite interesting to see the number of books on blogging that are now being planned. Shel and Scoble's book is also in the offing!