Mar 16, 2005

India's best managed companies....according to BT

Business Today and AT Kearney recently came up with a list of "India's best managed companies". The list comprised organizations like Infosys, L&T, Wipro, ICICI Bank and Tata Power.

Conspicious by its absence is the Reliance group which earlier used to be right up there!

The only drawback about this review is that it covers organizations that are listed in India, so a lot of organizations that may be better managed do not find mention here.

The most interesting part of the survey for me was the emphasis the survey laid on Learning, Innovation, Knowledge Management, having a web based performance support system, and whether people's contribution to the KM system was part of their performance measurement system. Now that's interesting and recognises how the thought is coming round to the growing importance of human capital even in core industries like Power, Cement and Construction !