Mar 31, 2005

The latest issue of the Global Knowledge Review is out

Ok, this post is a little late :-), but I can blame blogger for was impossible to publish something yesterday :(

Every issue you can 'sample' one of the articles and I am sure that will whet your appetite for the full can always go and see what the contents are here.

This edition's article for everyone viewing is: Answers on the back of a postcard Chris Collision. You can see the earlier articles at this place.

The other notable articles are :

Observe people and then learn by Dave Pollard, Knowledge sharing and distribution by Kurt April and The Foundation of Effective KM and Strategy by Dr. Bruce Lloyd. One article that really resonated with me was Break-through innovations and big corporations - a contradiction? by Janina Kugel.

The articles I am really looking forward to reading from next month's issue are:
KM Choices by Denham Grey (Denham is an awesome am really looking forward to this one!) , Peer Assist for Cross Organizational Learning: Reflection by Carol Gorelick (that sounds like a great cocktail of my favourite topics ) and an intriguing article titled What are you cooking today? by Lilia Efimova...wonder what Lilia will serve up !!