Mar 14, 2005

more blog posts on KM

Dave Pollard writes about some of the questions he faced on KM from students.

Some gems from it are:

  • A KM project is like any other change project, and the key is to ensure you follow John Kotter's Leading Change approach.
  • I'm not sure you can expect management to know what the gaps are, in this era when, as Drucker says, for the first time most employees know more about their jobs (and hence more about their 'knowledge gaps') than their boss.
  • off-the-shelf blog tools are not yet ready for prime time in business organizations: They are too complicated for busy employees to learn and use effectively, and their hard-wired reverse-date organization and indexing doesn't match users' needs to be able to browse blog content other ways.
  • Depending on the nature, culture, structure and industry of the organization, it [KM] may find a 'home' as part of IT, Learning or Sales & Marketing, or split between all three.
  • Don't obsess over content and ignore contact and context. Don't do it all top-down. Don't do it until you understand the culture of the organization and how they're 'working around' knowledge problems now. Don't expect to get credit or insist on taking credit for your success.
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