Mar 11, 2005

Tata's look for a 'refresh' ?

Now this is really not necessary ....the Tata's are India's oldest and most respected conglomerate present in old economy businesses like cement (ACC), steel (Tata Steel) to auto (Tata Motors) and software (TCS).

So why do they need to do this?

The Tata group has embarked upon an exercise to “refresh” its corporate identity and has hired international design agency Tower Partners LLC for the purpose.
In an interview with Business Standard, Tata group Chairman Ratan Tata said, “There's a need to refresh the brand from time to time.”
Tata said the mandate given to corporate identity design firm Tower Partners was to refresh and strengthen the brand, not to change it.
“There have been issues with the logo. It is difficult to use it in some places. So, the whole thing needs to be looked at but I think we would be crazy to change it,” he added.
Tata said most people did not realise how Coca-Cola and Shell had changed over the years and that they had gradually modernised their logos. “If you look at the logo of Shell in the sixties and today, it is different," he said.

I know that they had changed the logo only 6-7 years ago, and I think its really unnecessary ! Mr. Tata put your money on things you own ! The brand is owned by your customers, (as businesspundit says) changing logos is a pointless exercise !