Apr 21, 2005

An example of bad networking...

Heather of Microsoft recounts an experience on her blog when somebody tried to recruit her, but what flabbergasts her that once she declined, they didn't try to take her offer of help !

The point that most resonated with me (read the full post here) is:

People who don't know how to leverage connectors have no game. I try to remember that not everyone is a candidate, not everyone is a prospect. Some are simply connectors. And frankly, these the the most valuable people in my network. Obviously, not everyone feels that way. People out there in the industry (marketing, finance, tech) should think about this too.

I totally agree. And why people can't see that totally escapes me. It strikes me as intuitive, but maybe that's because I am a connector. I guess, when people connect because of a need, the focus is less on the connection, and more on their need to close the transaction. Once that does not happen, they dis-connect. And that makes connectors feel a little cheated and exploited.

Don't do that.