May 19, 2005

Tech stars as rock stars?

Over the last couple of weeks I've been thinking about this ad that I hear on the FM radio on my cellphone when I drive to work (go figure !!) advertises a tech conference by Sun in India. That's today and tomorrow.

The interesting bit about the ad is that it uses the rock show format to introduce the speakers to the audience.

Let me explain since I don't think it's available as a podcast.

There's music like drums rolling and the voice says " Jeff Jackson, father of Java, boss of Gosling", and then there's lead guitar music and the voice announces "Simon Ritter on the lead, supported by Matt Thompson , guru of .."

You get the idea, I hope.

And the ad ends with "The gods of tech are going to be there, will you?"

What I found interesting was the format , drawing parallels of technology and rock music. As an organization Sun seems to want its executives be seen as "cool and rock-star like" ...which is an interesting development. Traditionally organizations like downplayed individual achievements publicly except for the entrepreneur's (Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Micheal Dell). I wonder why is Sun taking this track? Do they want to be seen as a "cool place" where "cool people" work? Or is it about drawing a parallel between two interests of tech crowds, "cutting edge tech and cutting edge music"...

What do you think?