Jun 3, 2005

Some news...

I had hinted in this post, so here goes. The news is formal now.

I am moving out of my specialist function of Training, Learning & OD.

I am also moving cities.

So where am I headed.

Still with the same employer, but in a new role as a HR generalist in Hyderabad.

Kinda feels like stepping off a cliff, you don't know whether the ground you land on will be rocky or welcoming.

In the spirit of learning new skills (MS Excel not being the least of them!) I am enjoying the feeling. Sometimes when faced with a new situation, we can choose to react to it in two ways. The awe-struck wonder of the child and respond to it with enthusiasm. Or, we could react to it with the fear of deer-in-the-headlights and react to flee from it.

Of course, the fact that I drove this change myself is helping me react a lot positively. And the hope is that it will help develop my counseling and consulting skills further. In the long run, helping me become a better coach. As this website said:

If you find that you get bored doing the same thing twice, then the generalist role might be more suited to you. As a generalist, you are required to wear many different hats. One minute you may find yourself negotiating the employee benefit package for your company and the next you could be conducting a training program for your line managers. Generalists tend to get their hands into everything.

(yep, that sounds like me :-)) And this doesn't hurt either:

Generalists tend to be a bit more isolated from the effects of a downturn. In a downturn, generalists often pick up more of the responsibilities of downsized specialists. It is easier to teach a generalist the daily workings of a few HR specialties than it is to teach a specialist all of the other facets of HR.

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