Jun 23, 2005

You know you live in a globalized world...

...when the kind of things you do in India can affect your business in a US university !

Coca-Cola placed on Probation by Univ of Michigan

In a stern notice to the Coca-Cola company, the company must agree in writing by September 30, 2005 to a third party, independent investigation into the pesticide issues in India and labor issues in Colombia, with the audit to be completed by March 31, 2006. Coca-Cola is then "expected to put a corrective action plan in place by May 31, 2006."
The DRB further states that in the event that deadlines are not met and satisfactory progress is not made, "the University business relationship with Coca-Cola shall be suspended and Coca-Cola products shall not be offered at the University, which includes but is not limited to vending, food service operations, athletic events and University-catered events."
The Coca-Cola company has been selling products in India with high levels of pesticides, including DDT, sometimes as high as 30 times those allowed by the US and EU standards. On May 19, 2005, a shipment of Coca-Cola products made in India and shipped to the US were barred from entering the US by the US Food and Drug Administration, on the grounds that they were "unsafe" and "not conforming to US laws."